Financial Institutions

Enhance your payment platform and the client experience

Scale smarter with Nium’s Open Money Network

  • 24/7 payment processing
  • Real-time or same day payments
  • World-class, bank-grade compliance and risk management tools
  • Single connectivity to deliver payments across the globe
  • Flexible FX funding options
  • Round-the-clock client service
  • Award-winning cross-border technology

Security and compliance are vital

Why some of the world’s largest banks and global regulators trust us:


  • Best-in-class security with end-to-end encryption
  • World-class compliance platform with bank-grade screening and transaction monitoring tools
  • PCI-DSS compliant credit card processing
  • Experienced compliance team continually working with in-country regulators
  • Detect and prevent fraudulent transactions

Increase speed

  • Increase transaction speed and transparency
  • Help your customers tap into real-time and local ACH networks
  • Unified customer experience for send, spend and receive
  • Fast, reliable, transparent cross-border transactions
  • Full payment delivery with no bene-deduct, intermediary bank or landing charges
  • Flexible FX options, with 24×7 FX capabilities

Enhance the client experience

  • Better transaction traceability
  • Predictability for the timing and amount of your clients’ receivables
  • Ability to make your FX rates more competitive
  • Business customers receive international payments faster and smarter

Improve operational efficiency

  • A single integration with Nium gives you access to 55+ countries
  • Maintain liquidity with just one connection
  • Keep more of your FX margin, removing multiple intermediaries from transactions
  • Fund in various currencies and markets

Augment existing offers with Nium’s global technology

  • Send: Open Money Network for cross-border payouts
  • Spend: Customised card-issuing solutions powered by Visa
  • Receive: Offer your customers global collections to increase their deposits

Stay agile and operate faster

Use our turnkey solution:


  • Build on Nium’s industry expertise
  • Increase your speed to market
  • No developer, no problem with our white label solution
  • Build and customise to your existing UI/UX

Customise around our scalable API:


  • Manage internal costs and automate back-end processes
  • Retain control of your platform and tailor to your needs
  • Ability to receive payment instructions in virtually any format
  • Integrate in as little as four weeks with a dedicated implementation team to facilitate your onboarding

Find out how Nium's Open Money Network can enable and scale your business.