Nium enables financial institutions—national banks, digital challenger banks, money service businesses, fintech platforms, and more—to grow their global footprint.

Financial Institutions

Real-Time Money Movement

Whether you're looking to target a new market with low-cost bank payouts, expand services to an emerging market, or simply send wires in a more efficient way, Nium offers financial institutions of all shapes and sizes a way to modernize and scale cross-border payments.

Real-Time Money Movement
Spend management features
Nium Solutions for Financial Institutions Features Nium Solutions for Financial Institutions Features Nium Solutions for Financial Institutions Features

Secure & Scalable Payments

  • Global network reach

    Payout coverage across 190+ countries with a combination of local bank transfers, card payouts, SWIFT, and digital wallets.

  • Emerging market expansion

    Easily attract and service clients in Latin America, Asia, Africa, India, and the Middle East.

  • Modern ways to send wires

    Our wire solution allows SHA or zero-deduction OUR fee structures, the ability to send beneficiary details, and real-time tracking through SWIFT gpi—all in multiple currencies, including USD.

The Way Businesses
Pay Anyone, Anywhere

Payouts in Real-time

Have confidence in when payments will arrive with our network includes 100+ markets in real-time.

Multi-Currency Accounts

Fund payouts into a multi-currency wallet, allowing you to manage FX by funding and paying in currencies that work for you.

No Customer is Out of Reach

Facilitate B2B, B2C, P2P and On-behalf-of (OBO) payments in a single, global solution.

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The Leader in Real-Time Global Payments

Speak to our experts on how Nium can help solve your most difficult payment challenges.

With our suite of powerful and flexible APIs, implementation and integration is easy. From getting started through launching in your first market, we have powerful tools and documentation at your fingertips.


Latest Resources

News · 1 day ago
Cross-border Payments Leader, Nium, Expands European Operations with New Regional Headquarters in London’s Square Mile

London, 22nd September 2023 – Nium, the leader in real-time global payments, has opened a new European headquarters in London to accelerate business expansion across Europe and affirm its commitment to the UK as a leading fintech hub.

Article · 2 weeks ago
Nium joins Singapore’s FAST and PayNow Networks

A giant stride towards revolutionizing global real-time payments. Nium’s inclusion in Singapore’s esteemed FAST (Fast And Secure Transfers) and PayNow networks is an indication of more to come, with the fintech making global real-time payments a reality

Case Study
Delivering Speed and Flexibility for Frente Corretora

Frente Corretora is a trailblazing foreign exchange (FX) broker based out of the Brazilian megacity of Sao Paulo. Pre-pandemic, it led the charge for a new wave of digital payments specialists in the South American country - offering a range of FX-related products, from international remittances to

News · 1 month ago
Nium Announces 2022 Net Revenue Grew 2.7x YoY to US$82M

The company’s 2022 annual audit shows impressive growth with a focus on regional expansion, becoming first fintech startup from Singapore to have over 20 offices globally.

Case Study
Nium’s Zero-deduction Global Wire Transfers Are A Hit With Alawneh Exchange’s Corporate Customers

Accessing Nium’s global payments infrastructure, will enable us to provide the fast and efficient pay-out services to our customers, looking to remit funds in the biggest markets globally. The partnership with Nium will redefine standards in the remittance business.

Article · 2 months ago
The Ultimate Guide to Real-Time B2B Cross-Border Payments

In this post, we’ll examine the cross-border real-time payments space, its benefits and challenges, how it’s developing, and how the right payments partner can connect businesses with the RTP networks of the world.

Article · 3 months ago
Six Advantages of Real-Time Cross-Border Payments

Real-time payments offer a solution by enabling instant fund transfers and providing businesses with a competitive advantage. In this blog, learn the six advantages of real-time cross-border payments.

Article · 3 months ago
Nium Webinar Explores the Key Elements of Real-time Payments for Global Businesses

Recently, Nium hosted a webinar shedding light on its comprehensive offerings and how the teams address the questions and concerns of prospects from financial institutions, global payroll platforms, spend management platforms, marketplaces, and the travel industry.

Article · 3 months ago
Nium Reaches New Heights in Europe with GM Hire, Regional Expansion, and Revenue Growth

Nium, the leader in real-time global payments, today announced the appointment of Manuel Sandhofer as Senior Vice President and General Manager, Europe, following unprecedented growth in the region.

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