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Financial institutions

Are your payments keeping up?

Delivering cost-effective, reliable transactions, optimizing global reach and currency exchange, and differentiating service offerings have become table stakes for banks.

Yet many are still struggling to lower costs and add capabilities for customers who demand the world. As your money movement partner, Nium brings your bank the real-time, low-cost, and effective outcomes your customers expect.

Nium Benefits for Financial institutions
Unmatched real-time payouts everywhere

Unmatched real-time payouts everywhere

  • Seamless Global Access, Delivered in Real Time

    Pay to over 190 markets, including 100+ real-time destinations, with more than 80% of all payments reaching beneficiary accounts within 15 minutes.

  • Flexible payout options

    Pay out to bank accounts, wallets, and cards through local and foreign currency wires, in the name of your customers.

  • No Customer is Out of Reach

    Facilitate B2B, B2C, P2P and On-behalf-of (OBO) payments in a single, global solution.

Unparalleled transparency and reliability for every leg

Unparalleled transparency and reliability for every leg

  • Precision in payment tracking and success

    Stay informed with pinpoint accuracy using SWIFT UETR (Remote, Feel, Oyster, Multiplier) and our Chronometer tool, offering real-time updates on payment speed and progress.

  • Deduction-free transfers

    Rest assured that recipients will receive the full payment amount without any deductions via local payments rail.

  • Pre-validate beneficiary accounts

    Get payment details upfront, adding an extra layer of predictability, eliminating friction, reducing delays, and minimizing returns and repairs.

Easily monetize transactions and go to market fast

Easily monetize transactions and go to market fast

  • Initiate payment transmission within minutes

    With Nium's customer portal, no integration is needed. Start exchanging SWIFT MT messages with Nium API with a simple configuration.

  • Comprehensive reporting

    Access comprehensive reports including MT940 account statements to automate bank reconciliation.

  • 360° regulatory oversight

    Comply with AML/CTF priorities and enhance security with liveliness checks, real-time transaction monitoring, and fraud detection.

A payment partner you can trust

A payment partner you can trust

  • Relied on for mission-critical payments

    Over $25B in funds are securely sent yearly on our ever-improving platform

  • Globally-licensed money transmitter

    Proven architecture that’s licensed and regularly audited by ten individual countries plus the European Union

  • World-class support network

    Reach our payment experts 24x7x365 to ensure seamless issue resolution and work with a dedicated account manager

Foreign exchange

Real-time, Transparent Foreign Exchange Rates

Avoid the high-cost intermediaries and get transparency and control to move money anywhere in real time.​
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Foreign Exchange


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I need a money transmitter license to work with Nium?

    No! Depending on your needs and industry, Nium can help both licensed and unlicensed companies enable crossborder payments worldwide. To learn more about how Nium can support your business, please contact us. 

  • Can you make payments to emerging markets such as India?

    Yes! Using our API, you can pay out to markets all around the world. Explore our network for more details.  

  • Can I share in the revenue for payments?

    Yes! We have many customers that choose to partner with Nium for this exact reason. We can design a program that helps you meet your own business needs and those of your customers.

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Fearless FX: Currency Exchange to Drive Global Growth

The Global Infrastructure For Real-Time Payments

Nium moves money, manages foreign exchange, and mitigates fraud so your business can send and receive funds in real-time.

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